Otis, the long haired Dachshund and Miles, the short haired dachshund


“I was very apprehensive about dogs because I had cats.

Now I love dogs, too.

They were my husband’s dogs before I met him.

Otis is mellow.

Miles is neurotic.

We went to a swimming hole upstate in New Paltz and they thought we were leaving them behind, so Miles jumped in the water and tried to catch up with us.

Swimming wasn’t in his nature so he submerged like a missile.  He panicked and began to drown.  My husband had to rescue him.

I think our scariest moment was with Miles. He took off at 1:00 in the morning and ran across first CPW and then Columbus Avenue. He just decided he wanted to go home.

It’s crazy have two dachshunds and a baby.

Otis is more tolerant. He thinks he’s the baby’s mother.

Miles thinks the baby is a dog. He growls at him like he’s one of his pack.

Having dogs is hectic.

When we travel, we accommodate them. We drive instead of flying.

They are part of the family.

We’ve dealt with feeding and walking schedules, illness, pain, tolerance, not panicking in medical situations and being puked and pooped on.

Having dogs prepared us for having a baby.”


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