Teddy, the show stopper


“Teddy has been a phenomenal dog.

I took another dog first, but I couldn’t train him.

I got a trainer, and the trainer brought the dog back after one day and said, “this dog can’t be trained.”

Teddy is a show stopper on the street. Everyone wants to pet him.

One guy wanted to borrow him to pick up chicks.

He became an instant celebrity with the New York Times publicity.

People who knew us called from all over, even California.

They said, “he’s a celebrity.” Of course those people were from Beverly Hills.

But, don’t let Teddy fool you.

He may look warm and fuzzy, but he is a ferocious watch dog. It’s his nature.

The nomads used Tibetan Terriers as guard dogs for their cattle.

They have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Above and beyond the average dog.”

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