The joy of responsibility


We got Jazz because we lost our last dog, Miles.

Dogs bring an extra sense of love, compassion and a sense of responsibility.

 it’s given my whole family a sense of somebody or something that needs our help all the time.

I am most responsible for Jazz, and my family would say that too.  It’s a good responsibility, in that you

know that you are on a schedule of doing things, and all that stress that you have built up during the day washes

away when you take care of the dog.

It’s different having a female dog than a male dog, after all these years. She listens more than any of my male dogs did.

 Jazz acts like a typical dog. In addition to loving, and having fun with other dogs she loves being around humans.

There was more uniqueness about our last dog, Miles.

In short, Miles was a cat stuck inside of a dogs body. He would much rather stay at home than go outside and mingle.

But, he loved his family.





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